Vintage Ken Colyer
Ken Colyer's Jazzmen
Lake Records LACD190
Released 2004

Once again Paul Adams and Lake Records have done fans of Vintage Ken Colyer and Chris Barber music a great service by compiling and re-mastering twenty-two recordings by Ken Colyer's Jazzmen made in Copenhagen in April and May, 1953, soon after Ken returned from New Orleans and the band was founded. Eighteen of the tracks are full or partial band recordings, while an additional four are from an early skiffle set with Lonnie Donegan on banjo and vocals, Chris Barber on bass, and Ken Colyer on vocals. The sound quality of these sometimes rudimentary and amateur recordings does vary considerably, but the re-mastering job is excellent, and of course the music itself is an indispensable collection for jazz historians and those Barber fans who simply want to know how the music they love originated.

Personnel: Ken Colyer (trumpet, vocals), Chris Barber (trombone, bass), Monty Sunshine (clarinet), Lonnie Donegan (banjo, vocals), Jim Bray (bass), Ron Bowden (drums).

Music: Gentofte Blues
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