German Jazz Trophy 2014
 Thank you, Chris!

At the end of the Jazzopen in Stuttgart 2014, Chris Barber was awarded the "German Jazz Trophy 2014" in Stuttgart. The concert took place in the event centre of Spardabank on July 21 2014

This page shows some impressions as well as 2 excerpts of the concert on Youtube.

Kind thanks at this point to Bert Brandsma


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pictures by Toni Ginsel


Sparda – Event  Part 1


Sparda – Event Part 2



Sparda – Event Part 4


(Parts 3 of the recording cannot be found at this time.
The complete concert was cut into 4 parts. Maybe you could help to provide the two missing parts; Contact: mail{at} )




Palace in Stuttgart

pictures by Bert Brandsma

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