New and recent releases.

This page will help you keep up to date with the band's recent recordings and re-issues of classics over roughly the last two years.
Music clips on the Barber website.

Some years ago, a visitor to the Chris Barber Website Message Board commented that there are few examples of Chris’s music on the site. This is actually not true, because excerpts of more than a hundred Barber recordings are scattered around on various pages in the site. However, to make it easier for visitors to the Barber website to find these musical clips, here is a complete list of all of them, showing the records (LP or CD) on which they were originally or most recently released, plus links to the relevant pages in the site.
An indispensable companion to the recordings is Gerard Bielderman's and Julian Purser's A Life in Music: The Chris Barber Discography 1949-2001.
CDs available from Lake Records and Upbeat Jazz.
Complete list of CDs available from Timeless Records, including thumbnail pictures of all the covers.
Individual cover pages with larger graphics, descriptions, recording information, and music excerpts.
The Chris Barber LP Collection.

Beginning in September 2009, this set of pages represents the first part of what we plan to become a long-term, detailed and complete archive of the history of the Chris Barber Band on LP records.
45 rpm extended-play (EP) records from the 1950s and 1960s.
Complete list of recordings by Ken Colyer's Jazzmen, 1953-1954, featuring Chris Barber, Monty Sunshine, Lonnie Donegan, Jim Bray, and Ron Bowden.
A collage of record covers.
Record Companies

Lake Records has become the premier label for re-issuing Chris Barber's vinyl recordings from the 1950s to the early 1990s. Go to the Lake-Upbeat page to see what is currently available. The official Lake website may be found at Fellside Recordings.

Upbeat Jazz specializes in reissues, most notably compilations of BBC Radio programme recordings from the 1950s and 1960s.
Timeless Records boasts an extensive catalogue of recent releases as well as reissues of rare recordings from the past. You can view all the Timeless CDs on a single page here.
Blues Legacy is an entirely new kind of audio-visual recording company, run by a coterie of musicians and producers, who are dedicated to “Keepin’ Blues Alive”. Their first releases were Chris Barber Presents…The Blues Legacy: ‘Lost & Found’ CD & Download Series and the ‘As We Like It’ DVD from The Big Chris Barber Band with special guest Andy Fairweather-Low.
You can buy Chris Barber recordings and lots of other jazz at:

   Jerry Brown's Jazz 'N' Blues Records
   115 City Road
   Norfolk NR1 2HL
   Tel: (++44 -(0)1603-467777)
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