Chris Barber's Jazz Band in Berlin , November 25 - 27, 1968

This concert in East Berlin was recorded in 1968 and issued in 1969 and 1970 on two (East German) Amiga LPs. Later, in 1973, Black Lion/Intercord Records released a double-LP in Western Europe. Thanks to Chris Barber, the two original Amiga LPs were sold at concerts in the Western countries. But the Eastern and the Western versions are not identical - a collector has to have four LPs in order to have all the issued titles from this concert! Another detail: the Amigas show the original line-up of the band at that concert. The Black Lion LP sleeve contains a picture of the band with Steve Hammond on banjo. By the way, these concert recordings are among the first "live" recordings with John Crocker on clarinet and alto sax.

Furthermore, all LPs (and later the CDs) mention November 26th, 1968 as the recording date. A music collector from Leipzig, Rainer Caspari, has been trying for years to find out the complete set lists for the three concert evenings, as he thinks that the recordings are a "sampler" made out of the three days.

While preparing this webpage, we asked Chris Barber about this question. He believes that Amiga did record the second and third concerts and that they used the best recordings from each. Chris added to his answer, "Maybe they chose the best concert of the two or even three?"). So, the correct recording date remains a mystery ... 

To listen to parts of this great concert, click here for a short excerpt from the concert in East Berlin (Gloryland / Jeeps Blues / New York Town Blues / Royal Garden Blues).

Here is an overview of the released LPs at that time (you may click on these pictures to view enlarged versions):

Volume One of the original (GDR) Amiga record: Amiga 8 55 198.
Volume Two of the original (GDR) Amiga record: Amiga 8 55 164.
Front and back cover of the (western) Intercord / Black Lion LP: 28 430-7 Z/1-2.
  Inside of the Intercord / Black Lion LP.
It is again Peter Kazubski who has sent us photos, the original concert flyer, autographs, and a copy of the East German music journal Melodie und Rhythmus. This journal contains a short article and a picture from the concert as well as from the welcome party at the Lindenhotel in East Berlin. In addition we received separate pictures from the welcome party for the Chris Barber Band: at this reception the GDR Tower Jazz Band played. Peter Kazubski was their banjo player and photographer!
Arriving at the Lindenhotel in East Berlin in November 1968, Chris Barber and his band received a warm welcome by the Tower Jazz Band (photos by courtesy of Peter Kazubski).
 Pictures: Copyright © Peter Kazubsky - Berlin 2010.
Concert flyer  (click on the image to view an enlarged version of the four pages):
Concert poster of the event in Berlin 1968 by courtesy of Bernd Heinrich, leader of the Tower Jazz Band, Berlin  
There was a concert review in the East German magazine Melodie und Rhythmus. Peter Kazubski has sent us an original of this magazine (issued in January 1969).
The band was on stage for three days at the Friedrichstadt-Palast. After the concerts they met the members of the Tower Jazz Band for jam sessions at the Jazzclub Freundschaft (Jazzclub Friendship). Peter Kazubski documented these jam sessions. Here are his pictures:
All pictures: Copyright © Peter Kazubsky - Berlin 2010.
And of course, Peter collected autographs from the band members. Note that the band picture shows Ian Wheeler but the signature is of course of John Crocker. 
Due to poor health, Ottilie Patterson was on stage for only one of the three evenings. Peter Kazubski does not remember the exact date but he was very happy to get the autograph card, signed by Chris and Ottilie in November 1968.

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