On this new page you will find links to everything you ever wanted to know about Chris Barber and the Chris Barber Band: the links go to several main sections of the website. These include some of the links that were formerly listed on the Home Page, such as "The Chris Barber Story", Chris Barber's Jazz Band / The Chris Barber Jazz & Blues Band / The Big Chris Barber Band, "The Barber-Purser Archives", "Tours, Concerts and Special Events", and several others. We hope this will make your navigation of the Chris Barber website easier and more enjoyable.

Ed Jackson and Andreas Wandfluh, February 2009.

  The Chris Barber Story, Part 1
  The Chris Barber Story, Part 2
  The Big Chris Barber Band, 2000 to Today
(This page will soon be brought up to date; currently it covers the period up to January 2009).
  Chris Barber, An Appreciation
  "In His Own Words": Audio files from radio & TV interviews and concert announcements & introductions.
  Evolution of the Band
  A Composite Photo of All Band Members since 1954
  Former Members of the Band
  The Early Bands, 1949 - 1952
  The Barber Years:
  Ken Colyer's Jazzmen, 1953-1954: We don't have a specific page about Ken Colyer's Jazzmen, but the band is covered in many places on the website, including the Chris Barber/Ken Colyer 50th Anniversary page, Chris Barber's Recordings with Ken Colyer, the sleeve notes for the first issue of New Orleans To London (1953), and Ken Colyer Biography and Appreciation. You can also visit the Ken Colyer website. In addition, there is an extended account of Ken prior to his joining Ken Colyer's Jazzmen in 1953 and the year-plus of their existence in Pete Frame's excellent book, The Restless Generation (2007).
  Chris Barber's Jazz Band with Ottilie Patterson, 1956
  Chris Barber's Jazz Band, 1961 to 1964
  The Chris Barber Band, 1964 to 1968
  The Chris Barber Jazz & Blues Band, 1979 to 1986
  The Chris Barber Jazz & Blues Band, 1986 to 1988
  The Big Chris Barber Band, 2001 to Today
        More pages to come for other "eras" in the Chris Barber Band's history.
  The Barber-Purser Archives: Introduction page
  From the Archives
  Tours, Concerts, and Special Events
  Chris Barber Club booklets
  Chris Barber Newsletters - published by Vic Gibbons
  Concert Programme Notes
  Chris Barber and Pat Halcox: 75th birthday guestbooks
  Chris Barber and Pat Halcox: 80th birthday guestbooks and information
  Chris Barber's 85th birthday: Guestbook and paintings by Alan Bateman
  Chris Barber: Messages / Press releases and information regarding the retirement of Chris Barber the ongoing tours of the Big Chris Barber Band

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  The Photos pages (starts with page 1 and continues on to the latest additions)
  Pat Halcox's Photo Archive
  Slide Shows
  The main Recordings page with links to special other pages
  The Bielderman-Purser Discography
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